A New Test for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer

The ProLung Test evaluates the likelihood that a patient has a malignant lung mass, and does so immediately, non-invasively, and with a high degree of accuracy. The test can facilitate the early diagnosis and effective treatment of lung cancer and thereby help reduce the high mortality rate of this deadly disease.

Today, lung cancer is the deadliest of all cancers killing 1.4 million people world-wide. That's more than breast, prostate, colon and melanoma cancers combined

A core problem has been the inability to safely identify a malignancy in the lung early enough for treatment to be effective.

In a study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the ProLung Test instantly distinguished malignant from benign lung masses with 90% accuracy, through non-invasive bioconductance measurements.

The ProLung Test offers shareholders the opportunity to help those at high risk for lung cancer while obtaining a superior return.